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China Wholesale Isobutane Refrigerant Gas Suppliers – Heptafluoropropane (C3HF7) – Taiyu Detail:

Technical Parameters

Quality Specification

Test Result



≥ 99.9

> 99.9



≤ 0.001

≤ 0.0007


No Supended Stuff and Deposit-free




Acidity (As HCl)

≤ 0.0001

Not detected


High boiling residue

≤ 0.1

Not detected


Heptafluoropropane is a clean gas chemical fire extinguishing agent mainly chemical fire extinguishing and physical fire extinguishing. It belongs to polyfluoroalkane and its molecular formula is C3HF7; it is colorless, odorless, low-toxic, non-conductive, and does not pollute the protected object. It will cause damage to property and precision facilities. Heptafluoropropane can reliably extinguish Class B and C fires and electrical fires with a low extinguishing concentration; small storage space, high critical temperature, low critical pressure, and can be stored liquefied at room temperature; it does not contain particles or oily residues after release. It has no destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer (the ODP value is zero), and the life cycle in the atmosphere is about 31 to 42 years, and it will not leave residues or oil stains after being released, and it can also be discharged through normal exhaust channels. Go, meet environmental protection requirements. Although heptafluoropropane is relatively stable at room temperature, it will still decompose at high temperatures, decomposing to produce hydrogen fluoride, and will have a pungent smell. Other combustion products include carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Contact with liquid heptafluoropropane can cause frostbite. Heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent has good cleanliness-completely vaporizes in the atmosphere without leaving residues, good gas phase electrical insulation, and is suitable for extinguishing electrical fires, liquid fires or fusible solid fires, solid surface fires, and fire extinguishing by means of full submerged fire extinguishing Gas fires that can cut off the gas source before protect the computer room, communication room, transformer room, precision instrument room, generator room, oil depot, chemical flammable product warehouse, library, database, archives, treasury and other places. The heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system has reasonable structure and reliable operation, and has been widely used in important places such as electronic computer rooms, archives, program-controlled exchange rooms, TV broadcasting centers, financial institutions, and government agencies. Heptafluoropropane is not easy to react and is a stable material. Liquefied gas is stable when used as a propellant and must be stored in a metal tank and placed in a cool and dry place.


Fire Extinguishing Agent shing effDue to its high extinguiiciency, low toxicity, the atmospheric ozone layer without damaging, the use of the site free from contamination, it is considered to be an ideal substitute for halon 1301 and has been listed in the national fire protection association standard NFPA2001 fire-fighting products. 


Normal Package:


Heptafluoropropane  (HFC-227ea/FM200) 

Package Size

100Ltr Cylinder

926Ltr Cylinder

Filling Content/Cyl



QTY Loaded in 20’Container

72 cyls

14 cyls

Total Volume






①High purity, latest facility;

②ISO certificate manufacturer;

③Fast delivery;

④Stable raw material from inner supply;

⑤On-line analysis system for quality control in every step;

⑥High requirement and meticulous process for handling cylinder before filling;

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China Wholesale Isobutane Refrigerant Gas Suppliers –  Heptafluoropropane (C3HF7) – Taiyu detail pictures

China Wholesale Isobutane Refrigerant Gas Suppliers –  Heptafluoropropane (C3HF7) – Taiyu detail pictures

China Wholesale Isobutane Refrigerant Gas Suppliers –  Heptafluoropropane (C3HF7) – Taiyu detail pictures

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