Carbon Monoxide (CO)

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UN NO: UN1016
EINECS NO: 211-128-3

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<20 ppm

<10 ppm

<5 ppm



<650 ppm

<250 ppm

<80 ppm



<250 ppm

<150 ppm

<20 ppm



<50 ppm

<15 ppm

<10 ppm



<20 ppm

<10 ppm

<5 ppm



<50 ppm

<20 ppm

<15 ppm

Carbon monoxide, a carbon-oxygen compound, has a chemical formula of CO and a molecular weight of 28.0101. Under normal conditions, it is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-irritating asphyxiating gas. The density of carbon monoxide gas is 1.25g/L under standard conditions. In terms of physical properties, carbon monoxide is difficult to dissolve in water (the solubility in water at 20°C is 0.002838 g), and it is not easy to liquefy and solidify. In terms of chemical nature, carbon monoxide has both reducing and oxidizing properties. It can undergo oxidation (combustion reaction) and disproportionation reactions. It is also toxic. Higher concentrations can cause people to have different degrees of poisoning symptoms, which may affect fertility or Injury to the fetus and to organs; long-term or repeated contact may cause damage to the organs, and the rapid release of compressed gas may cause frostbite. Under high temperature and high pressure, carbon monoxide reacts with iron, chromium, nickel and other metals to form metal carbonyls, combines with chlorine to form phosgene, and combines with metal carbonyls to form metal carbonyl compounds. Carbon monoxide has a reducing effect. When manganese and copper oxides are mixed at room temperature, carbon monoxide can be oxidized to CO2. There is a gas mask that uses this principle. Carbon monoxide is mainly used as fuel, reducing agent, and raw material for organic synthesis. It is used to prepare metal carbonyls, phosgene, carbon sulfide, aromatic aldehydes, formic acid, benzene hexaphenol, aluminum chloride, methanol, and for hydroformylation. Used for tilapia preservation, preparation of synthetic hydrocarbons (synthetic gasoline), synthetic alcohols (a mixture of carboxyl, ethanol, aldehyde, ketone and hydrocarbons), zinc white pigment, aluminum oxide film formation, standard gas, calibration gas, online instrument Standard gas. Carbon monoxide needs to be stored in a well-ventilated place, protected from the sun, keep the container tightly closed, and lock the storage place.


①Chemical industry:

Carbon monoxide is an industrial gas that has many applications in bulk chemicals manufacturing. Mainly be used as reducing agent.

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Carbon monoxide has also been used as a lasing medium in high-powered infrared lasers.

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Normal package:


Carbon Monoxide

Package Size

40Ltr Cylinder

47Ltr Cylinder

50Ltr Cylinder

Filling Content/Cyl

6 m3

7 m3

10 m3

QTY Loaded in 20’Container

250 Cyls

250 Cyls

250 Cyls

Total Volume

1500 m3

1750 m3

2500 m3

Cylinder Tare Weight





QF-30A /CGA 350


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