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In 2014, our India business partner visited us. After 4hours meeting, we made a business deal for develop India specialty gases market like ethylene, carbon monoxide, methane with high purity. Their business develop several times during our cooperation, grow up to a leading gas supplier in India now.

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In 2015, our Singapore customer visit china to discuss a long business of butane propane. We together visit the source of oil chemical industrial factory. So far, monthly supply 2-5 tanks butane. Also We help customer to develop more gas business in local.

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In 2016, France customer visit our Chengdu new office. This project cooperation is a very special time. Customer is invited by Chengdu government to open a “Helium Exhibition”, Our company support this activity more than 1000 cylinders balloon helium gas.

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In 2017, Our company open a new Japan market of pure hydrogen sulfur because there is a shortage in Japan.
To solve this problem, our both parties made much efforts on factory 7s rules, impurity research, purify equipment etc. Finally we successfully produce 99.99% H2S since 2019, and export to Japan smoothly.

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In 2017, our team is invited to Join AiiGMA in Dubai. This is a india industrial gas Association annual meeting. We are honor to be there with all india gas expert learning and studying, to think a bright future of india gas market together. Besides, we also visited Brother gas company in Dubai too.