Boron Trichloride (BCL3)

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EINECS NO: 233-658-4
CAS NO: 10294-34-5

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≥ 99.999%


≤ 1.5 ppm


≤ 50 ppm


≤ 1.2 ppm


≤ 2 ppm


≤ 0.5 ppm


≤ 1 ppm

Boron trichloride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula BCl3. Under normal temperature and pressure, it is a colorless, toxic and corrosive gas with hay smell and pungent stench. Heavier than air. Does not burn in the air. It is stable in absolute ethanol, decomposes in water or alcohol to generate boric acid and hydrochloric acid, and emits a lot of heat, and generates smoke due to hydrolysis in humid air, and decomposes into hydrochloric acid and boric acid ester in alcohol. Boron trichloride has strong reaction ability, can form a variety of coordination compounds, and has high thermodynamic stability, but under the action of electric discharge, it will decompose to form low-priced boron chloride. In the atmosphere, boron trichloride can react with glass and ceramics when heated, and can also react with many organic substances to form various organoboron compounds. Mainly used as a doping source for semiconductor silicon, used to prepare various boron compounds, also used as organic synthesis catalysts, co-solvents for silicate decomposition, and boronization of steel, etc., and can also be used to produce boron nitride and boron Alkane compounds. Boron trichloride is acutely toxic, has high chemical reaction activity, and decomposes explosively in contact with water. It may generate explosive chloroacetylene with copper and its alloys. It is highly corrosive to most metals when exposed to moisture and can also corrode glass. In moist air, thick white corrosive smoke can be formed. It reacts violently with water and emits irritating and corrosive hydrogen chloride gas. Human inhalation, oral administration or absorption through the skin is harmful to the body. Can cause chemical burns. In addition, it is also harmful to the environment.Boron trichloride should be stored in a cool and ventilated safe warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should be kept below 35℃ (the maximum storage temperature should not be higher than 52℃). The steel cylinder should be placed upright, keep the container (valve) sealed and install the cylinder cap. It should be stored separately from other chemicals, and the storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment.


1. Chemical Use:
BCL3 could be used to make high pure boron, organic synthesis catalyst; as flux of decomposition of silicate; used for iron boronizing
2. Fuels:
It has been used in the field of high energy fuels and rocket propellants as a source of boron to raise BTU value.
3. Etching:
BCl3 is also used in plasma etching in semiconductor manufacturing. This gas etches metal oxides by formation of a volatile BOClX compounds.


Normal package:


Boron Trichloride BCL3

Package Size

DOT 47Ltr Cylinder

Filling Content/Cyl


QTY Loaded in 20’Container

240 Cyls

Total Volume

12 Tons

Cylinder Tare Weight



CGA 660 S.S 


1. Our factory produces BCL3 from high quality raw material, besides the price is cheap.
2. The BCL3 is produced after many times procedures of purification and rectification in our factory. The online control system insure the gas purity every stage. The finished product must meet the standard.
3. During the filling, the cylinder should firstly be dried for a longtime(at least 16hrs),then we vacuumize the cylinder, finally we displace it with the original gas. All these methods make sure that the gas is pure in the cylinder.  
4. We have existed in Gas field for many years, rich experience in production and export let us win customers’ trust, they satisfy with our service and give us good comment.

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