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If you don’t know what gas you need to use for production, we have professional technical engineer for 3months free online consulting.
If you don’t know which purity you should choose, we will send you all purity impurity specs for your refer, and make a suggestion.
If you need small package, we could provide below 10liter cylinder; if you need big package, we could provide ton drum or iso tank. All is your choice.
If you want to buy several kinds of gas together in one container. Good idea, this way could save you own shipping cost. Our company supply almost 99% kinds of gases in the market. If you can’t find exact details, please feel free to send us a inquiry.
If you are first time to import gas, don’t worry. We have own professional logistics team for help.and we also have own cooperated oversea local shipping agent to support customer import.

If you are a gas end user,send inquiry to TYHJ
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Fuel Gases CH4, C2H2, CO,
Welding Gases Ar-He, Ar-H2, Ar-O2, Ar-CO2, CO2, O2, N2, H2 , Ar-He-CO2, Ar-He-N2,
Liquid Gases C2H4, SO2, CO2, NO2, N2O, C3F6, H2S, HCl, BCl3, BF3,SF6
Calibration Gases CH4-N2, NO-N2, H2S-N2, CO2-N2, SF6-N2, SiH4-He
Doping Gases AsH3, PH3, GeH4, B2H6, AsCl3, AsF3, H2S, BF3, BCl3,
Crystal growth SiH4, SiHCl3, SiCl4, B2H6, BCl3, AsH3, PH3, GeH4, Ar, He, H2
Gas phase etching Cl2, HCl, HF, HBr, SF6
Plasma etching SiF4, CF4, C3F8, CHF3, C2F6, NF3, SF6, BCl3, N2, Ar, He
Ion Beam Etching C3F8, CHF3, CClF3, CF4
Ion implantation AsF3, PF3, PH3, BF3, BCl3, SiF4, SF6, N2, H2
CVD Gases SiH4, SiH2Cl2, SiCl4, NH3, NO, O2
Diluent Gases N2, Ar, He, H2, CO2, N2O, O2
Doping Gases SiH4, SiCl4, Si2H6, HCl, PH3, AsH3, B2H6, N2, Ar, He, H2