Special Gases

  • Sulfur Tetrafluoride (SF4)

    Sulfur Tetrafluoride (SF4)

    EINECS NO: 232-013-4
    CAS NO: 7783-60-0
  • Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

    Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

    Technical Parameters Specification 99.9% 99.999% NO/NO2 <1ppm <1ppm Carbon Monoxide <5ppm <0.5ppm Carbon Dioxide <100ppm <1ppm Nitrogen <20ppm <2ppm Oxygen+Argon <20ppm <2ppm THC(as methane) <30ppm <0.1ppm Moisture(H2O) <10ppm <2ppm Nitrous oxide is an inorganic substance with the chemical formula N2O. Also known as laughing gas, a colorless and sweet gas, it is an oxidant that can support combustion under certa...
  • Carbon Tetrafluoride (CF4)

    Carbon Tetrafluoride (CF4)

    Technical Parameters Specification 99.999% Oxygen+Argon ≤1ppm Nitrogen ≤4 ppm Moisture(H2O) ≤3 ppm HF ≤0.1 ppm CO ≤0.1 ppm CO2 ≤1 ppm SF6 ≤1 ppm Halocarbynes ≤1 ppm Total Impurities ≤10 ppm Carbon tetrafluoride is a halogenated hydrocarbon with the chemical formula CF4. It can be regarded as a halogenated hydrocarbon, halogenated methane, perfluorocarbon, or as an inorganic compound. Carbon tetrafluoride is a colorless and odorless gas, insoluble in water, soluble in b...
  • Sulfuryl Fluoride (F2O2S)

    Sulfuryl Fluoride (F2O2S)

     Technical Parameters Items Specifications Content, % 99.8 Water Content, % 0.02 PH Value 3.0-7.0 Application: Sulfuryl fluoride is in widespread use as a structural fumigant insecticide to control dry-wood termites. it can also be used to control rodents, powder post beetles, deathwatch beetles, bark beetles, and bedbugs. Normal package: Product Sulfuryl Fluoride F2O2S Package size 10L cylinder 50L cylinder Filling content/cyl 10kgs 50kgs QTY loaded in 2...
  • Silane (SiH4)

    Silane (SiH4)

    Technical Parameters Component 99.9999% Unit Oxygen (Ar) ≤0.1 ppmV Nitrogen ≤0.1 ppmV Hydrogen ≤20 ppmV Helium ≤10 ppmV CO+CO2 ≤0.1 ppmV THC ≤0.1 ppmV Chlorosilanes ≤0.1 ppmV Disiloxane ≤0.1 ppmV Disilane ≤0.1 ppmV Moisture (H2O) ≤0.1 ppmV Silane is a compound of silicon and hydrogen. It is a general term for a series of compounds, including monosilane (SiH4), disilane (Si2H6) and some higher-level sil...
  • Octafluorocyclobutane (C4F8)

    Octafluorocyclobutane (C4F8)

    Technical Parameters Item     Octafluorocyclobutane content ≥99.999 ≥99.90 Oxygen ≤5ppm ≤0.0020% Moisture ≤2ppm ≤0.0020% Octafluorocyclobutane is a chemical substance, a perfluorinated derivative of cyclobutane, and its chemical formula is C4F8. Colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas. Stable in nature and non-toxic. In case of high heat, the internal pressure of the container will increase, and there will be a risk of cracking and explosion. The combustion ...
  • Nitric Oxide (NO)

    Nitric Oxide (NO)

    Technical Parameters Specification ≥ 99.9% CO2 ≤ 100 ppmV N2O ≤ 500 ppmV NO2 ≤ 300 ppmV N2 ≤ 50 ppmV Nitric oxide, the chemical formula is NO, the molecular weight is 30.01, is a nitrogen oxide compound, the valence of nitrogen is +2. It is a colorless and odorless gas, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and carbon disulfide. Since nitric oxide contains free radicals, this makes its chemical properties very active. When it reacts with oxygen, it ca...
  • Hydrogen Chloride (HCl)

    Hydrogen Chloride (HCl)

    Technical Parameters: Specification 99.9% 99.999% Carbon Dioxide ≤ 400 ppm ≤ 2 ppm Carbon Monoxide ≤ 60 ppm ≤ 1 ppm Nitrogen ≤ 450 ppm ≤ 2 ppm Oxygen+Argon ≤ 30 ppm ≤1 ppm THC(as Methane) ≤ 5 ppm  ≤ 0.1 ppm Water ≤ 5 ppm ≤1 ppm Hydrogen chloride has the chemical formula HCl. A hydrogen chloride molecule is composed of a chlorine atom and a hydrogen atom. It is a colorless gas with a pungent odor. Corrosive, non-combustible gas, does not react with water but is easily soluble...
  • Hexafluoropropylene (C3F6)

    Hexafluoropropylene (C3F6)

    Technical Parameters: Specification 99.9% Unit Nitrogen ≤300 ppmV Oxygen ≤80 ppmV Carbon Monoxide ≤30 ppmV Carbon Dioxide ≤50 ppmV Methane as THC ≤30 ppmV Other Organics ≤600 ppmV Moisture ≤50 ppmV Acidity as HCl ≤1 ppmV Hexafluoropropylene is an organic compound with a structural formula of CF3CF=CF2, a colorless, almost odorless, incombustible gas. The melting point is -156.2°C, the boiling point is -30.5°C, the relative density is 1.583 (-40°C/4°C), and the CAS number...
  • Ammonia (NH3)

    Ammonia (NH3)

    Technical Parameters Specification 99.8% 99.999% Units Oxygen / <1 ppmv Nitrogen / <5 ppmv Carbon Dioxide / <1 ppmv Carbon Monoxide / <2 ppmv Methane / <2 ppmv Moisture(H2O) ≤0.03 ≤5 ppmv Total Impurity / ≤10 ppmv Iron ≤0.03 / ppmv Oil ≤0.04 / ppmv Liquid ammonia, also known as anhydrous ammonia, is a colorless liquid with a strong pungent odor and corrosive. As an important chemical raw material, ammonia is usually used to obtain liquid ammonia by pressurizing or...

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