The History Of TYHJ

The History of TYHJ

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Donate masks, oxygen cylinders, thermometers and other medical materials to COVID19 inflected Area.

Sales exceeded 11 million U.S. dollars and more than 200 employees.

Invested in the construction of LongTai Factory, to Produce Calibration gas, and UHP Gas, and hired national gas experts as chief consultants

Acquired Chengdu Qixin Gas, to Produce High purity Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide.

Including International and domestic, Sales exceeded 5 million U.S. dollars

Moved into the CBD area, a Grade A office building with 200+ square meters for officer worker

Established an international trade team 20+ employee and obtained import and export qualification.

Passed the ISO certification ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001

Start a new development cooperation with Shanghai Branch Gas company, to Open a Special Gas supply chain. And Acquired one Dangerous cargo warehouse which is only 300+km from Shanghai Seaport

Established a sales team to develop Domestic business

Merged with HongJin Chemicals Co., Ltd. to create TYHJ Corporation. Moved its head Factory to No.2999 ,Airport Road, Shuangliu Zone.

Taiyu Gas founded in Chendgu City. Start Industrial gas business with Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon