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Innovation, quality and reliability are the core values of our company. These principles today more than ever form the basis of our success as an internationally active mid-size company for Oxygen Gas Purity 99.999% O2 Gas, Liquid Nitrous Oxide, Boron Trifluoride Cas, "Change for the better!" is our slogan, which means "A better world is before us, so let's enjoy it!" Change for the better! Are you ready?
High Quality Co2 Laser Gas Factories – Laser Gas Mixture – Taiyu Detail:

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All of the gas worked as material of laser called laser gas. It is the sort on the world most, developing the fastest, application the widest laser. One of the most important characteristics of lasers gas is the laser work material is mixture gas or a single pure gas.

The working substance used by gas laser can be atomic gas, molecular gas, ionized ion gas and metal vapor, etc., so it can be called atomic laser gas (such as helium-neon laser) and molecular laser gas (such as carbon dioxide). Laser), ion laser gas (such as argon laser), metal vapor laser (such as copper vapor laser). Generally speaking, because of the inherent characteristics of the laser gas, there are some characteristics resulting from it; the advantages are: the gas molecules are evenly distributed and the energy level is relatively simple, so the light quality of the laser gas is uniform and coherent. Better; In addition, the gas molecules convection and circulate faster, and are easy to cool down. One of the most important characteristics of laser gas is that the laser working material is a mixed gas or a single pure gas. The purity of the component gas in the laser mixed gas directly affects the performance of the laser. In particular, the presence of impurities such as oxygen, water, and hydrocarbons in the gas will cause the loss of the laser output power on the mirror (surface) and the electrode, and also cause the laser Unstable launch. One of the important characteristics of gas laser gas, the working substance of the laser is a mixed gas or a single pure gas. Therefore, there are special requirements for the purity of the laser mixed gas components. The cylinders for packaging the mixed gas must also be dried before filling to prevent contamination mixed gas. If the helium (He) neon (Ne) laser is used as the first generation gas laser, and the carbon dioxide laser is the second generation gas laser, the krypton fluoride (KrF) laser, which will be widely used in the semiconductor manufacturing field, can be called the third generation laser . Laser gas mixture is used in industrial production, scientific research and national defense construction, medical surgery and other fields.

Category Component (%) Balance Gas
He-Ne Laser Mixture Gas 2~8.3 Ne He
CO2 Laser Mixture Gas 0.4H2+ 13.5CO2+ 4.5Kr /
0.4 H2+ 13CO2+ 7Kr+ 2CO
0.4 H2+ 8CO2+ 8Kr+ 4CO
0.4 H2+ 6CO2+ 8Kr+ 2CO
0.4 H2+ 16CO2+ 16Kr+ 4CO
0.4 H2+ 8~12CO2+ 8~12Kr
Kr-F2 Laser Mixture Gas 5 Kr+ 10 F2 /
5Kr+ 1~0.2 F2
Sealed Beam Laser Gas 18.5N2+ 3Xe+ 2.5CO /
Excimer Laser 25.8Ne+ 9.8Ar+ 0.004N2+ 1F2 Ar
25.8Ne+ 9.8Ar+ 0.004N2+ 5F2 He
25.8Ne+ 9.8Ar+ 0.004N2+ 0.2F2 He
25.8Ne+ 9.8Ar+ 0.004N2+ 5HCl Ar


①Industrial Agricultural Production:

It is widely used in industrial agricultural production, scientific research and national defense.

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② Medical Surgery:

It is used for medical surgery.

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③ Laser Processing:

It is used for laser processing, such as metal ceramic cutting, welding and drilling.

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Delivery time: 15-30 working days after receipt of deposit

Standard package: 10L, 47L or 50L cylinder.


①High purity, latest facility;

②ISO certificate manufacturer;

③Fast delivery;

④On-line analysis system for quality control in every step;

⑤High requirement and meticulous process for handling cylinder before filling;

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High Quality Co2 Laser Gas Factories –  Laser Gas Mixture – Taiyu detail pictures

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Our company since its inception, always regards product quality as enterprise life, continuously improve production technology, improve product quality and continuously strengthen enterprise total quality management, in strict accordance with the national standard ISO 9001:2000 for High Quality Co2 Laser Gas Factories – Laser Gas Mixture – Taiyu , The product will supply to all over the world, such as: Johannesburg, Kazakhstan, Thailand, We have developed large markets in many countries, such as Europe and the United States, Eastern Europe and Eastern Asia. Meanwhile with the powerful predominance in persons with ability, strict production management and business concept.we constantly carry on self-innovation, technological innovation, managing innovation and business concept innovation. To follow the world markets fashion, new products are kept on researching and providing to guarantee our competitive advantage in styles, quality, price and service.
We are long-term partners, there is no disappointment every time, we hope to maintain this friendship later!
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This supplier offers high quality but low price products, it is really a nice manufacturer and business partner.
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