As demand declines in the monthly liquid oxygen market

As demand declines in the monthly liquid oxygen market, prices rise first and then fall. Looking at the market outlook, the oversupply situation of liquid oxygen continues, and under the pressure of “double festivals”, companies mainly cut prices and reserve inventory, and liquid oxygen’s performance is hardly optimistic.

The liquid oxygen market first rose and then fell in August. With the gradual implementation of the production restriction policy, the demand for liquid oxygen has fallen sharply, and the price support of liquid oxygen has weakened. At the same time, the high temperature, rainy season and public health incidents have become more stringent, and strict sealing control measures have been tightened in many places, and the market has been partially closed. Speculative demand has dropped significantly, further suppressing the liquid oxygen market.
Liquid oxygen prices fell weakly

Liquid oxygen prices fluctuated weakly in September

Looking at the future, as the weather turns cooler, the market power curtailment eases, and the supply of liquid oxygen shows an increasing trend. However, there is no sign of improvement in short-term demand, steel mills rarely receive goods, and the oversupply situation in the market will continue. Facing a “double festival” next month, the market will mostly lower prices and deliver goods. The liquid oxygen market may fluctuate weakly in September.

Post time: Sep-01-2021

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