C4 environmental protection gas GIS successfully put into operation in 110 kV substation

China’s power system has successfully applied C4 environmentally friendly gas (perfluoroisobutyronitrile, referred to as C4) to replace sulfur hexafluoride gas, and the operation is safe and stable.

According to the news from State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. on December 5, the first (set) 110 kV C4 environmentally friendly gas-insulated fully enclosed combined electrical appliance (GIS) in China was successfully put into operation in Shanghai 110 kV Ningguo Substation. C4 environmentally friendly gas GIS is the key direction of the pilot application of environmentally friendly switchgear in the equipment department of the State Grid Corporation of China. After the equipment is put into operation, it will effectively reduce the use of sulfur hexafluoride gas (SF6), greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and boost carbon peaking Neutralization target achieved.

During the whole life cycle of GIS equipment, the new C4 environmentally friendly gas replaces the traditional sulfur hexafluoride gas, and its insulation performance is about twice that of sulfur hexafluoride gas under the same pressure, and it can reduce carbon emissions by nearly 100%, meeting the needs of power grid equipment. Safe Operation Requirements.

In recent years, under the grand strategy of “carbon neutralization and carbon peaking” in our country, the power system is transforming from a traditional power system to a new type of power system, continuously strengthening R&D and innovation, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of products in the direction of green and intelligent. Carry out a series of research on the application of new technologies for environmentally friendly gases to reduce the use of sulfur hexafluoride gas while ensuring the reliability of power equipment operation. C4 environmentally friendly gas (perfluoroisobutyronitrile), as a new type of insulating gas to replace sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), can significantly reduce the carbon emissions of power grid equipment in the whole life cycle, reduce and exempt carbon tax, and avoid the development of power grids from being restricted by carbon emission quotas.

On August 4, 2022, State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd. held a C4 environmental protection gas ring network cabinet project application site meeting in Xuancheng. The first batch of C4 environmental protection gas ring network cabinets have been demonstrated and applied in Xuancheng, Chuzhou, Anhui and other places. They have been in safe and stable operation for more than one year, and the reliability of C4 ring network cabinets has been fully verified. Gao Keli, general manager of China Electric Power Research Institute, said: “The project team has solved the key problems of the application of C4 environmentally friendly gas in 12 kV ring network cabinets. The next step will continue to promote the application of C4 environmentally friendly gas in various voltage levels and various electrical equipment In the future, the large-scale application of C4 ring main unit will effectively promote the upgrading of environmental protection electrical equipment industry, promote the low-carbon transformation of the power industry, and make positive contributions to the realization of the “double carbon” goal.

Post time: Dec-22-2022