Mixed hydrogen natural gas hydrogen transmission technology

With the development of society, primary energy, dominated by fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal, cannot meet demand. Environmental pollution, the greenhouse effect and the gradual exhaustion of fossil energy make it urgent to find new clean energy. Hydrogen energy is a clean secondary energy carrier and has been widely concerned by scholars at home and abroad for a long time. Among them, safe and efficient hydrogen transportation technology is one of the main bottlenecks in the large-scale application of hydrogen energy. Hydrogen pipeline transportation has a large volume and low cost, but special hydrogen pipelines need to be built.

Hydrogen energy is a clean energy that has attracted much attention at the moment. There are currently a variety of competitive hydrogen production technologies. Hydrogen is also widely used in civil and industrial fields. However, long-distance hydrogen transportation faces many difficulties.

The hydrogen-mixed natural gas technology provides new ideas for hydrogen transportation. As a low-carbon fuel, hydrogen-mixed natural gas can reduce greenhouse gas and polluting gas emissions. More importantly, the use of hydrogen-mixed natural gas can increase the proportion of hydrogen energy in energy, reduce dependence on traditional fossil fuels, and also help expand the demand for hydrogen and reduce the cost of hydrogen production through scale. Promotion in sectors such as transportation, construction, manufacturing, and power is of great significance.

Post time: Jan-06-2022

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