Krypton (Kr)

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Krypton gas is generally extracted from the atmosphere and purified to 99.999% purity. Due to its unique characteristics, krypton gas is widely used in various industries such as filling gas for lighting lamps and hollow glass manufacturing. Krypton also plays an important role in scientific research and medical treatment.

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Technical Parameters

Specification ≥99.999%
O2 <0.5 ppm
N2 <2 ppm
H2O <0.5 ppm
Argon <2 ppm
CO2 <0.5 ppm
CH4 <0.5 ppm
XE <2 ppm
CF4 <0.5 ppm
H2 <0.5 ppm

Krypton is a rare gas, colorless, odorless, non-toxic, inert, incombustible, and does not support combustion. It has the properties of high density, low thermal conductivity, and high transmittance. When it is discharged, it is orange-red. The density is 3.733 g/L, the melting point is -156.6°C, and the boiling point is -153.3±0.1°C. Krypton gas is concentrated in the atmosphere. Occupies 1.1ppm in the atmosphere. Krypton is chemically inert under all normal conditions. It does not combine with other elements or compounds. Krypton is widely used in the electronics industry, electric light source industry, and also used in gas lasers and plasma streams. Compared with argon-filled bulbs of the same power, the bulbs filled with pure krypton have the advantages of high luminous efficiency, small size, long life, and power saving. It is widely used in the manufacture of miner’s lamps. Because of its high transmittance, it can be used to manufacture the illumination lamps of off-road combat vehicles and airstrip indicators during night warfare. Used in medical and health care to measure cerebral blood flow. Its isotope can be used as a tracer. Radioactive krypton can be used for leak detection of airtight containers and continuous measurement of material thickness, and can also be made into atomic lamps that do not require electrical energy. Disposal: 1. Must be in a well-ventilated area, do not roll the cylinder, and use a cart; 2. Do not heat the cylinder, and prevent the cylinder gas from returning; 3. Keep away from heat, open flames, ignition sources, welding operations, hot surfaces and incompatible materials Content. Storage: 1. Must be in a well-ventilated place, the temperature should not exceed 54 ℃, should be stored in a cool, dry and non-flammable structure; 2. Empty and heavy bottles should be separated, using the “first in first out” principle.



Krypton is used for inflating bulbs, miner’s lamp, runway lights in airport.

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2.Medical Use:

Krypton could be used as cerebral blood flow measurement.

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3.Electron Use:

Krypton is used in airtight container leak detection and continuous determination of the material thickness.

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Package Size:

Product Krypton Kr  
Package Size 40Ltr Cylinder 47Ltr Cylinder 50Ltr Cylinder
Filling Content/Cyl 6CBM 7CBM 10CBM
QTY Loaded in 20’Container 400 Cyls 350 Cyls 350 Cyls
Total Volume 2400CBM 2450CBM 3500CBM
Cylinder Tare Weight 50Kgs 52Kgs 55Kg
Value PX-32A /CGA 580  


1. Our factory produces Krypton from high quality raw material,besides the price is cheap.
2. The Krypton is produced after many times procedures of purification and rectification in our factory.The online control system insure the gas purity every stage.The finished product must meet the standard.
3. During the filling, the cylinder should firstly be dried for a longtime(at least 16hrs),then we vacuumize the cylinder, finally we displace it with the original gas.All these methods make sure that the gas is pure in the cylinder.  
4. We have existed in Gas field for many years, rich experience in production and export let us win customers’ trust,they satisfy with our service and give us good comment.

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