Nitric Oxide (NO)

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Nitric oxide gas is a compound of nitrogen with the chemical formula NO. It is a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas that is insoluble in water. Nitric oxide is chemically very reactive and reacts with oxygen to form the corrosive gas nitrogen dioxide (NO₂).

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≥ 99.9%


≤ 100 ppmV


≤ 500 ppmV


≤ 300 ppmV


≤ 50 ppmV

Nitric oxide, the chemical formula is NO, the molecular weight is 30.01, is a nitrogen oxide compound, the valence of nitrogen is +2. It is a colorless and odorless gas, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and carbon disulfide. Since nitric oxide contains free radicals, this makes its chemical properties very active. When it reacts with oxygen, it can form corrosive gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2). NO has a low solubility in water and does not react with water. At room temperature, NO is easily oxidized to nitrogen dioxide, and can also react with halogens to form halogenated nitrosyl (NOX). Nitrogen monoxide has strong oxidizing properties, and can easily catch fire when it comes in contact with combustibles and organic matter. Encountered explosive combination of hydrogen. Contact with air will emit a brownish-yellow mist with acidic oxidizing properties. Nitric oxide is relatively inactive, but it is easily oxidized into nitrogen dioxide in the air, and the latter is strongly corrosive and toxic. The harmful combustion products are nitrogen oxides. Fire fighting method: firefighters must wear full-body fire-proof and gas-proof clothing and put out the fire in the upwind direction. Cut off the gas source. Spray water to cool the container, and move the container from the fire scene to an open place if possible. Extinguishing agent: water mist. Nitric oxide is used in oxidation and chemical vapor deposition processes in semiconductor production, and as a standard gas mixture for atmospheric monitoring. It is also used to make nitric acid and silicone oxide film and carbonyl nitrosyl. It can also be used as a bleaching agent for rayon and a stabilizer for propylene and dimethyl ether. Supercritical solvent. Used in the manufacture of nitric acid, nitroso carboxyl compounds, rayon bleaching. It is used as a stabilizer of organic reaction in medical clinical experiment to assist diagnosis and treatment. It is also used as a stabilizer for nitric acid, rayon bleaching agent, propylene and dimethyl ether.



Material Gas in calibration gas mixtures for environmental monitoring systems and industrial hygiene gas mixtures.



In semiconductor application processes.



In a very diluted form for medical-related disorders.


Normal Package:


Nitric Oxide NO

Package Size

40Ltr Cylinder

47Ltr Cylinder

Filling content/Cyl

1400 Liters

1600 liters


CGA660 S.S


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