Xenon (Xe)

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Xenon is a rare gas that exists in the air and also in the gas of hot springs. It is separated from liquid air together with krypton. Xenon has a very high luminous intensity and is used in lighting technology. In addition, xenon is also used in deep anesthetics, medical ultraviolet light, lasers, welding, refractory metal cutting, standard gas, special gas mixture, etc.

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Technical Parameters

Specification ≥99.999%
Krypton <5 ppm
Water(H2O) <0.5 ppm
Oxygen <0.5 ppm
Nitrogen <2 ppm
Total Hydrocarbon Content(THC) <0.5 ppm
Argon <1 ppm

Xenon is a rare gas, colorless, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water, blue to green gas in the discharge tube, density 5.887 kg/m3, melting point -111.9°C, boiling point -107.1±3°C, 20°C It can dissolve 110.9 ml (volume) per liter of water. Xenon is chemically inactive and can form weak bond inclusion compounds with water, hydroquinone, phenol, etc. Under heating, ultraviolet radiation, and discharge conditions, xenon can directly combine with fluorine to form XeF2, XeF4, XeF6 and other fluorides. Xenon is a non-corrosive gas and is non-toxic. It is discharged in its original form after being inhaled, but it has a suffocating effect at high concentrations. Xenon is anesthetic, and its mixture with oxygen is an anesthetic to the human body. Xenon is widely used in electronics and electric light source industries. Compared with the argon-filled bulbs of the same power, the bulbs filled with xenon have the advantages of high luminous efficiency, small size, long life, and power saving. Because of its strong fog penetration capability, it is often used as a foggy navigation light, and is widely used in airports, stations, and docks. The concave surface of the xenon lamp can generate a high temperature of 2500℃ after being concentrated, which can be used for welding or cutting refractory metals such as titanium and molybdenum. In medicine, xenon is also a deep anesthetic with no side effects. It can dissolve in the cytoplasmic oil and cause cell swelling and anesthesia, thereby temporarily stopping the function of nerve endings. Because of its ability to absorb X-rays, xenon is also used as a shield for X-rays. High-purity xenon can be used to test the existence of high-speed particles, particles, mesons, etc. In addition, xenon has many uses in nuclear reactors and high energy physics. Storage precautions: The warehouse is ventilated, low temperature and dry; lightly load and unload.


1.Light Source:

Xenon could be used for inflat the bulbs and navigation light in airport,bus station,wharf etc.

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2.Medical Use:

Xenon is a kind of anesthesia with no side effects of X-ray contrast agents.

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Package Size:

Product Xenon Xe
Package Size 2Ltr Cylinder 8Ltr Cylinder 50Ltr Cylinder
Filling Content/Cyl 500L 1600L 10000L
Cylinder Tare Weight 3kgs 10Kgs 55Kg
Value G5/8 / CGA580
Shipping By Air


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2. The Neon is produced after many times procedures of purification and rectification in our factory.The online control system insure the gas purity every stage.The finished product must meet the standard.
3. During the filling, the cylinder should firstly be dried for a longtime(at least 16hrs),then we vacuumize the cylinder, finally we displace it with the original gas.All these methods make sure that the gas is pure in the cylinder.  
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